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Older people

Keeping patients safe through medication review and management in the community

This article aims to describe and analyse the types of medication errors among community-dwelling patients following their discharge within 3 weeks from an acute care hospital..

Valuing and sustaining older peoples' day care services

‘…community building-based services that provide care and/or health-related services and/or activities specifically for older people who are disabled and/or in need’. .

Effectiveness of mobility training for frail older adults living in the community

The systematic review by Treacy et al (2022) undertook a comprehensive search of published and unpublished studies up to June 2021 using a range of electronic databases: CENTRAL, MEDLINE, Embase,...

Legal issues related to heat

Community nurses are likely to find among their clientele, patients ranging from very young to very old, with vulnerabilities associated with those respective stages in life, as well as those with an...

Mental health in the community: part two

In terms of policy, the Mental Health Implementation Plan was set up in 2019, with objectives for reaching numerous outcomes by 2024 (NHS England, 2019). It is important to be aware of what the future...

Supporting resilience in older people: implications for nursing practice

Resilience has been defined as a noun and a process. When defined as a process, it has been referred to as dynamic, changing over the course of one's lifetime and in response to the specific context...

Biopsychopharmacosocial approach to assess impact of social distancing and isolation on mental health in older adults

COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus and part of a large group of viruses that cause illness ranging widely in severity (Guan et al, 2020). From a historical perspective, the impact of coronavirus-related...

Malnutrition in community-dwelling older people: lessons learnt using a new procedure

The results after training at T1 showed high levels of non-completion of the training and trained staff members' vulnerability to attrition. Community-based nurses felt they had some knowledge to help...

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