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Grief, loss, change… and hope

02 August 2022
Volume 27 · Issue 8

We are emerging from the hottest 2 days in the UK that have ever been recorded, with the mercury reaching over 40° C in some places and not much less in other parts of the country. The world is in a largely unprecedented state of change-politically, environmentally, and of course, from a health perspective, as we learn to live with the ‘new normal’.

We are in another, albeit milder, wave of the pandemic in the UK. Milder, because of the outstanding and swift response of science to the virus, and investment in prevention and mitigation of its worst effects on most people. The health service is nonetheless feeling the impact of COVID-related morbidity and the demographic we work with as community nurses is, as always, the worst affected.

It is perhaps not surprising that I have been thinking about grief, loss and change a lot recently. The subject of one of our articles this month is a personal account of anticipatory grief and bereavement.

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