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Ageing in place: ageing at home and in the community

Ageing in place means living safely and independently at home and in the community as you age (World Health Organization (WHO), 2015). Understanding this concept implies the need to adapt the physical...

Stress and older people

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 in order to increase public awareness of the stress epidemic. Community nurses will recognise that many older people they care for...

Just a conversation between friends about nothing new

As we enter another New Year, what a start we have encountered. A&E departments and hospitals overwhelmed with ambulances still queuing outside, unprecedented strike action, COVID-19 still hanging...

Developing community and primary care nursing research

The first Community Nursing Research Community of Practice for the UK was initiated as an editorial in this journal in February 2022 (Bowers and Evans, 2022). It was a nascent idea; a tentative...

Winter preparedness: a national framework for the delegation of insulin administration

As we approach the winter months, health and social care continues to experience significant demand. There is a need to effectively plan how we use the skills and knowledge of our workforce, to manage...

Emotional awareness and emotional intelligence

I would like to start this editorial with a polemic discussion about ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills, which some literature name as technical and non-technical skills, respectively. We know that the ‘hard’...

Community nursing: a sense of belonging

Wanting ‘to belong’ somewhere is a strong human instinct and something I have been reflecting on a lot recently. My thoughts have focussed on how many student nurses in the class of 2022 will find...

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