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Skin care

Developing a clinical care pathway to reduce and treat enteric feeding tube site skin excoriation: a quality-improvement pilot study

In our organisation, the average yearly enteric tube insertions, patient assessments, and amount of specialist nursing hours for enteral site skin excoriation have been increasing. The estimated...

Eczema and the older person

Certain factors accelerate skin ageing. The skin is easily damaged by ultraviolet light, and excessive sun exposure can cause dryness, irregular pigmentation, loss of collagen and deep wrinkling....

Dermatological conditions in older adults: clinical overview

Generally, the most common symptom of dermatitis, dermatologically speaking is itching, which might appear with or without lesions of the skin. Therefore, to evaluate pruritus, a thorough history and...

Faecal incontinence in palliative and end-of-life care

In 2018, NHS England published a document aimed at commissioners and discusses continence. The publication recognises that continence is an important component in a person's health and wellbeing at...

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