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Frailty and nutrition

Early identification of frailty enables healthcare professionals to develop an appropriate care plan that is designed to meet specific needs of older people, so it is important to ask, how can we...

Overview of Urinary Incontinence

The National Institutes for Health (NIH) (2023) explains that the bladder tightens in order to move urine into the urethra while the muscles surrounding it relax to allow the urine to pass out of the...

Venous eczema: more than just a rash

Venous eczema is a rash that affects the skin of the lower legs (Gawkrodger, 2006). It is not caused by any infection (non-infective) and does not cause the affected area to swell (non-inflammatory);...

Lipoedema: a neglected area of women's health

There are currently no specific diagnostic investigations or tools for identifying lipoedema, and clinical diagnosis relies on taking a previous medical history along with a family history, physical...

Faecal incontinence management in dementia patients

Faecal incontinence involves the involuntary and frequent loss of stool, making it a distressing condition that has a significantly negative effect on the quality of life of the person affected (Ahmad...

Nurses' role in diabetes management and prevention in community care

The crucial role of the diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) in the provision of good patient care and promoting self-care management cannot be underestimated. They are often the first point of contact...

Best practice for chronic oedema in community settings: what can we learn?

The guidance reflects the changing emphasis of the NHS and its provision on personalised care, and how that can be achieved (NHS England, 2019). There is also an increased emphasis on self-management,...

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