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The frequency of nutrition impact symptoms and reduced oral intake among consecutive COVID-19 patients from an Australian health service

A retrospective observational study was completed over 9 months, from the first positive case identified on the ward (3 March 2020) until 30 November 2020, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, a large...

Evidence-based management of disease-related malnutrition: updated guidance

The Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community panel has updated its guidance for community healthcare professionals.

Oral conditions in the community patient: part 2—systemic complications of poor oral health

The oral cavity acts as a focal point for the interaction of the body with the external environment, with its key functions including mastication, taste, speech and swallowing (Kane, 2017). Alteration...

Malnutrition in community-dwelling older people: lessons learnt using a new procedure

The results after training at T1 showed high levels of non-completion of the training and trained staff members' vulnerability to attrition. Community-based nurses felt they had some knowledge to help...

Community nutrition nurse specialist role: a service improvement

In May 2018, the ACHT decided to appoint a community nutrition nurse specialist to work with the district nursing teams. The role (0.6 working time equivalent) was envisaged to support the district...

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