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Infection prevention and control

The challenge of infection control in patients' homes

Effective hand hygiene remains one of the cornerstones of good infection control. Since its conception in 1979, the, originally six-, now seven-stage, handwashing technique (World Health Organization...

Implications of a US study on infection prevention and control in community settings in the UK

The full methods for each component of the programme of work have been described elsewhere (Russell et al, 2018; Dowding et al, 2020; McDonald et al, 2020). Mixed methods, comprising of a survey of...

Strategies to reduce Gram-negative infections: a community perspective

Being able to differentiate bacterial species is important for diagnosing and treating bacterial infections. Bacteria can be classified on the basis of gram-staining findings, which are in turn based...

Infection prevention and control challenges in Flemish homecare nursing: a pilot study

Some 711 patients were included by about 200 nurses during the data collection period. Most (82%) of the patients were recruited by homecare nurses working at a home healthcare agency, and only some...

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