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Frailty and nutrition

Early identification of frailty enables healthcare professionals to develop an appropriate care plan that is designed to meet specific needs of older people, so it is important to ask, how can we...

Effectiveness of mobility training for frail older adults living in the community

The systematic review by Treacy et al (2022) undertook a comprehensive search of published and unpublished studies up to June 2021 using a range of electronic databases: CENTRAL, MEDLINE, Embase,...

The role of the district nurse in screening and assessment for frailty

Working as a student district nurse, current practice is to use the Rockwood et al (2005) frailty screening tool as part of the initial assessment. Assessment is a key element in the nursing process...

Perceptions, practices and educational needs of community nurses to manage frailty

Two key themes were identified: (i) concept of frailty and (ii) knowledge about frailty. Each theme was expanded upon via two subthemes..

A mirror image: experiences of informal carers caring for frail, older persons at risk from falling

The findings are presented as verbatim quotes used to illustrate each theme with pseudonyms assigned to each informal carer..

A rapid response and treatment service for care homes: a case study

The RRaT service provided by the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (BHFT) is commissioned by the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group and has been chosen as one of the seven ‘accelerator’...

Falling through the cracks: a case study of how a timely integrated approach can reverse frailty

Originally from Ireland, 76-year-old Tommy resided alone in the suburbs of a northern English town. He had worked as a teacher until he sustained a head injury many years previously. He had epilepsy,...

Tai chi to prevent falls in older adults

Although a wide range of approaches have been employed, the optimal exercise regimen to improve muscle strength in older adults remains uncertain. Exercise groups are not new, but the specific...

Management of swallowing problems in community settings

Swallowing is a complex activity required to move food from the mouth to the stomach, involving different muscles and nerves working together, and it requires close coordination between digestive and...

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