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Digital health

Initial evaluation of a technologyenabled change in delivery of the dementia service during COVID-19 in North Warwickshire

Table 2 shows that there was a reduction in all areas of urgent health care: a 46% reduction in hospital admissions, a 43% reduction in 999 call outs, a 62% reduction in GP contacts and a 63%...

Research Roundup

Digital health and self-management among patients with chronic disease have been gaining in popularity over recent years. The number of people living with diabetes in particular is steadily on the...

Mental health in the community: part two

In terms of policy, the Mental Health Implementation Plan was set up in 2019, with objectives for reaching numerous outcomes by 2024 (NHS England, 2019). It is important to be aware of what the future...

Digital health and technologies

Much of the research and efforts have been focused on improving the efficiency and quality of hospital care through data analytics for clinical care and administration. NHE Vocera (2022) has made the...

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