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Delegation of insulin administration: a survey of community nursing teams in England

The study aim was to evaluate use of the national voluntary framework for the delegation of insulin administration and the uptake of this delegation practice in community nursing in England..

What influences specialist palliative care nurses working in a community setting to engage with research?

A total of eight participants were interviewed from two charitable specialist care organisations. All participants were female and Caucasian. They had been working in their present roles for 1–13...

Pre-registration nursing students' perceptions of a district nursing career: a qualitative descriptive study

The objectives of the study were to understand the perceived challenges and barriers that pre-registration BSc (Hons) nursing students faced to moving into a career in district nursing. The research...

Valuing and sustaining older peoples' day care services

‘…community building-based services that provide care and/or health-related services and/or activities specifically for older people who are disabled and/or in need’. .

The experiences, needs and expectations of patients regarding participation at home: an explorative study in Belgium

‘Individual patient participation revolves around a patient's rights and opportunities to influence and engage in the decision-making about his care through a dialogue attuned to his preferences,...

Evaluating the use of reflective cafés in Specialist Community Practitioner and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse programmes

Strategies, such as reflective practice and compassionate leadership, are of great importance to positively change behaviour and are regarded as social, moral and economic priorities (Bailey, 2021)....

The potential fire risk of emollients when dried on viscose bandages

The objective of this study was to determine the flammability and fire behaviour of viscose bandages when they have been impregnated with emollient products. In the flammability tests, the bandages...

Exploring community nurses' views on the implementation of a local Weight Management Pathway

NICE (2014) recommend the use of tiered pathways within their weight management guidelines, with various pathways being utilised across the UK (Supplementary Information 1). Locally, however, we...

A different way of life: a qualitative study on the experiences of family caregivers of stroke survivors living at home

A qualitative approach was adopted to allow the exploration of participants’ behaviour, feelings and experiences of important issues or phenomena (Holloway and Galvin, 2017)..

Evaluation of the quality of palliative home care for cancer patients in Cyprus: a cross-sectional study

The results provide data related to the objectives set during the design of this study. More specifically, data was collected evaluating the quality of home PC among cancer patients in Cyprus. Data...

Exploring the experiences of a community palliative care team as services were adapted to meet the demand of the COVID-19 pandemic

The challenge of meeting palliative care demands resulting from the pandemic reflected known workforce shortages, and the need for an improvement in collaborative working in community services (The...

Developing a clinical care pathway to reduce and treat enteric feeding tube site skin excoriation: a quality-improvement pilot study

In our organisation, the average yearly enteric tube insertions, patient assessments, and amount of specialist nursing hours for enteral site skin excoriation have been increasing. The estimated...

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