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Constipation in community-dwelling adults with intellectual disability

Constipation is a more common clinical symptom among people with intellectual disabilities compared to other cohorts of the population (Hardy et al, 2013). Research studies have identified that...

Community nursing and antibiotic stewardship: the importance of communication and training

Growing evidence supports the use of theoretical frameworks to identify barriers and facilitators to health professional behaviour, and one such approach is the behaviour change wheel (BCW) (Michie et...

Case studies on careers in palliative care community nursing

Community Nurse Specialist at LOROS Hospice .

A good idea badly implemented? Revised National Early Warning Score 2 in community settings

In 2017, a revised form of NEWS (NEWS2) was released (RCP, 2017). This system measured the same six physiological measures as NEWS (respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, systolic blood...

Introducing the British Lymphology Society position paper on ankle brachial pressure index

ABPI assesses the arterial circulation to the lower leg by comparing the blood pressure in the arm with the blood pressure in the ankle (Keen, 2008; Gogalniceanu et al, 2018) (Tables 1 and 2)..

An overview of ‘Pressure ulcers: revised definition and measurement’

The 18-page document is divided into three tables covering the following:.

Patient satisfaction with a hospital-in-the-home service

The @home service is a nurse-led integrated care team (including dedicated GPs and consultant sessions) that aims to provide hospital care to patients in their homes or usual place of residence. It is...

Caseload management: a district nursing challenge

The importance of effective caseload management is highlighted by its inclusion as one of the three core components in the district nursing service model (DHSC, 2013). As a key component of the...

Establishing a structured plan to provide high-quality end-of-life care in community settings

The initial blueprint for the care plan was constructed in collaboration with the professional development lead and IT analyst from the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foudation Trust (Table 1). The...

Alcohol use by people in their seventies is not an exception: a preliminary prospective study

In the decade spanning 2005 to 2015, the number of older adults consuming alcohol, or those with AUD, has increased tenfold in women and fourfold in men, and the alcohol-related burden of disease is...

Compassionate leadership in district nursing: a case study of a complex wound

While we might intuitively know what ‘leadership’ looks like, definitions are often coloured by the perspective of the individual and the context in which ‘leadership’ is being defined, with the...

Administering intravenous therapy in patients' homes

Nurses should always observe hand hygiene before performing any aseptic technique (NICE, 2014), and home IV therapy must always be an aseptic technique. Hands should be washed with soap and warm water...

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