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Blepharitis in patients' eyelids: a discussion for nursing care

Blepharitis affects the anatomy and physiology of the eyelids and its associated structures, such as the eye lashes, eyelids, glands and tear film..

Manual lymphatic drainage: the evidence behind the efficacy

Most studies on the efficacy of MLD have shown mixed results; although some report improvement in the metric in question, it is often not statistically significant, and results vary between studies....

Barriers to infection prevention and control in patients’ homes

There has been a plethora of research around reason why staff do not or cannot carry out IPC procedures correctly.

Health behavioural changes in older people post pandemic

The pandemic not only had direct health impacts but also affected health behaviours through its multiple lockdowns and restrictions. Routines were lost and with that, so were some of the healthier...

Do Quality and Safe Care Champions in community nursing teams positively impact on patients?

In reviewing the benefits to the organisation, the authors applied the East London NHS Foundation Trust framework (Shah and Course, 2018) because it gave scope to consider the impact of champions...

The law that came in from the cold

Nurses in the community have a responsibility not only to treat but also to anticipate and, if possible, to avoid. This is more easily said than done for the simple reason that those to whom they owe...

Intermittent self-catheterisation: the gold standard for individuals with bladder dysfunction

The indications to undertake ISC are numerous (Box 1); however, not all individuals will be suitable or capable of undertaking the procedure. Children aged as young as 4–5 years can be taught the...

Cognitive frailty in older adults with diabetes: prevalence and risk factors

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review (Lyu et al, 2023) and expand upon the findings in the context of clinical practice and further research..

Exploring the delivery of end-of-life care by community nurses

Community nursing services across the UK have faced unprecedented pressures both before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, including the provision of palliative and EOLC (Mitchell et al, 2021)....

Age-related macular degeneration: care of the patient in the community setting

The literature provides consensus on the structure and function of the anatomy and physiology related to AMD (Batterbury and Murphy, 2018; Kanski, 2019). The relationship between the normal anatomy of...

Skin changes associated with ageing

Skin ageing is a continuous process that affects skin function and appearance and as people age, their chances of developing skin-related disorders increase. There are two types of skin ageing:...

Legal responsibilities relating to isolation

The image of personal isolation is more often than not, a negative image. Being alone is somehow thought of as a minus, contrasted with being in a group, which is a plus. To follow this assumption...

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