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Men's satisfaction with female/unisex and male incontinence pads: a comparative clinical audit

UI can be caused by alteration to the bladder, lower urinary tract or pelvis due to surgery (such as prostatectomy), neurological conditions (such as Parkinson's disease, dementia or multiple...

Achieving effective patient outcomes with PolyMem® Silicone Border

PolyMem dressings are hydrophilic polyurethane matrix dressings with a mild, non-toxic wound cleansing agent (F-68 surfactant). Glycerine (also known as glycerol) is a moisturising agent which helps...

Impact of a wound management system on budget optimisation, formulary compliance and variations in care

Formeo was launched in CHCP in July 2019, with full implementation support from the Smith+Nephew regional team. A comprehensive training plan was rolled out across Hull and East Riding to ensure...

Optimising resources: an evidence-based pathway using UrgoStart for community-based patients with wounds

The Carter review (NHS England, 2018b) encouraged the implementation of evidence-based practice as a means to improve outcomes, but added that a large proportion of trusts ‘do not capture basic...

Benefits of nurse-led continence prescription services for effective stock management and streamlined prescribing

Early assessment by a qualified and appropriately trained professional allows a patient-centred and cost-effective care pathway to be followed, leading to better outcomes (APPG, 2011). In clinical...

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