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Palliative Care

Aims, actions and advance care planning by district nurses providing palliative care: an ethnographic observational study

The aim of this study was to investigate the role of the district nurse in palliative care provision, with a particular focus on observational exploration of their role and practice in providing...

Palliative care for chronic respiratory disease: integrated care in outpatient settings

Patients diagnosed with pulmonary-related cancers enter well-established care pathways (Lung Clinical Expert Group, 2017) to receive MDT support. Ultimately, and from clinical experience, as the...

Death and dying in the community in 2020: what's different?

Caring for dying patients presents a range of challenges, from symptom control or management and effective communication to managing the patient's psychological concerns, which are, in themselves,...

Palliative care for community patients diagnosed with dementia: a systematic review

This qualitative systematic review explores the evidence surrounding the views of health professionals working in the community who provide palliative care to patients diagnosed with dementia..

Faecal incontinence in palliative and end-of-life care

In 2018, NHS England published a document aimed at commissioners and discusses continence. The publication recognises that continence is an important component in a person's health and wellbeing at...

Deprescribing in end-of-life care

Awareness of the anatomical changes that occur during the end stages of life is fundamental to support the rationale for stopping medications (Mangoni and Jackson, 2003). When a disease progresses,...

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