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Long-Term Conditions

The prevalence of comorbidity in rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

This systematic review aimed to estimate the prevalence rate of a range of comorbidities in adults with RA and to assess the moderating factors of country, age and a study's risk of bias..

Compression therapy and heart failure: a scoping review of the existing evidence

Some 20 pieces of evidence were retrieved from varying backgrounds and locations on the application of CT in those diagnosed with HF. In terms of location, the evidence retrieved included studies...

Improving sepsis recognition through use of the Sepsis Trust's community screening tool

The Sepsis Trust is a UK-based charity, created in 2012 in an effort to raise awareness of sepsis and the high levels of mortality associated with sepsis. The charity has an overriding long-term aim...

Non-pharmacological interventions for managing pain in community-dwelling older adults

Tang SK, Tse MMY, Leung SF, Fotis T. The effectiveness, suitability, and sustainability of non-pharmacological methods of managing pain in community-dwelling older adults: a systematic review. BMC...

Nursing interventions for people with type 1 diabetes and frequent hypoglycaemia

During the year of 2020, the world faced the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) cited the worldwide death rate from the pandemic to be 4.1 million (WHO, 2021)..

Microcirculatory changes and thrombotic complications in COVID-19

Coronaviruses belong to the Coronaviridae family and include four genera-alpha, beta, gamma and deltacoronaviruses. They are enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses that infect a wide...

Skin care considerations for those with chronic oedema or lymphoedema

Overall, skin care is a crucial part of nursing care of patients who have chronic oedema and lymphoedema. It is important to have a daily regimen set up in a care plan, with the involvement of tissue...

Self-guided technology to improve health-related behaviour and quality of life in people with cancer

A comprehensive literature search was undertaken using multiple databases (Medline Complete, Scopus, CINAHL, EMBASE, Cochrane Library and SPORTDiscus) from 1973 to July 2018. Reference lists from...

Long COVID and breathlessness: an overview

Any patient with COVID-19 may go onto develop long COVID regardless of the severity of the initial infection and the intensity of the treatment received (Crook et al, 2021). Post-viral syndrome has...

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, exacerbation and self-management: a literature review

COPD prevalence is also associated with socioeconomic deprivation and high-occupational industrial areas, and environmental and metabolic risk factors have the highest impact on disease prevention...

Catheters at home: managing urinary catheters in the home environment

In their literature review, Waskiewicz et la (2019) found that there were four factors that affected patients' ability to manage their own catheter. These were education, knowledge, empowerment and...

Intermittent catheterisation: the common complications

According to the International Continence Society, IC is defined as the drainage of the bladder or a urinary reservoir with subsequent removal of the catheter, mostly at regular intervals (Gazewski et...

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