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Record keeping and the community nurse

Record keeping is an integral part of community nursing practice and there is an obligation placed upon the community nurse to record good, clear and accurate information about their patients (Royal...

Legal aspects of COVID-19 pandemic management for community nurses

In some respects they do, but in most respects they do not..

Ageism in nursing

It is not easy to form a wholly dependable picture of staffing levels in healthcare. Much depends on the purpose for which the statistics are gathered. One such purpose is to gain an impression of how...

Autonomy in district and community nursing

To do something autonomously is to do it unbidden by others. Autonomy has shades of independence and self-governance, of not being interfered with in the making of a decision and even, in some cases,...

Nurses' duty of confidentiality towards patients

‘He who hath a secret to keep, must keep it a secret that he hath a secret to keep’. .

Community nursing and the working time laws

Accidents may or may not result from a faulty working regime, but they sometimes do. They are often one-offs, and serious instances can end a nurse's professional career. However, the number of hours...

Compensation for lifting accidents in community nursing

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 1974) created a Commission and an Executive to make policies for, and to oversee the enforcement of, safe working conditions...

Government proposal that nurses must report knife crime could undermine confidentiality

On 1 April 2019, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that his department was to present proposals to place nurses, as well as teachers and certain other professionals, under a legal obligation to...

Duty of candour and community nursing

Nurses have been subject to a professional duty of candour under all recent versions of their code (NMC, 2018b), and the wording in the current code is as follows:.

Employment cases of note (February 2019)

Since 2013, whistleblower protection has only been available to workers who reasonably believe that their disclosure is in the public interest. Can allegations by a worker that they have been defamed...

Recent noteworthy cases related to employment law

The first case the authors discuss is United First Partners Research v Carreras, in which the Court of Appeal held that an employer's expectation and ‘long hours culture’ could amount to a provision,...

Negligence and the standard of care in district nursing

Liability for carelessness is given its legal expression in the law relating to negligence. Compensation paid to settle negligence claims continues to increase year on year in the NHS, with NHS...

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