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Clinical Comment

Repositioning for pressure injury prevention in adults: a commentary on a Cochrane review

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within Gillespie et al (2021) and expand upon the findings in the context of clinical practice..

Effectiveness of moisturiser for the prevention of skin tears in older adults residing in long-term care facilities: a clinical review

This review investigated whether moisturising with a lotion was beneficial for skin tear prevention in older adults residing in LTC facilities. The results may guide LTC facilities to adopt an...

Skin tone and wound care: bridging the knowledge and care provision gap

A systematic review of diversity in dermatologic randomised control trials showed that, while racial and ethnic data reporting is becoming increasingly transparent, inclusive representation remains...

Timescaled monitoring to manage venous leg ulcers and chronic oedema

Unlike acute wounds, chronic wounds do not follow a straightforward trajectory along predicted timescales but remain in the inflammatory phase. This results in harmful inflammation, excess exudate and...

Effectiveness of zinc therapy for the treatment of pressure ulcers

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review of Song et al (2020) and expand upon the findings in the context of clinical practice..

The management of acute cellulitis in individuals with lymphoedema: a case study

A 36-year-old female (permission granted by patient to use them for this case study) with long-standing right leg lymphoedema (possibly secondary to joint injections performed in hospital, when she...

Skin care protocol: suggesting a routine

When discussing the importance of skin care for patients with lymphoedema, it is essential to remind ourselves what the skin does and how it relates to the lymphatics. Many diagrams of the skin do not...

Lipoedema: a neglected area of women's health

There are currently no specific diagnostic investigations or tools for identifying lipoedema, and clinical diagnosis relies on taking a previous medical history along with a family history, physical...

Recent insights into catheter-related urinary tract infections

Inserting a catheter can damage the urothelial barrier and trigger immune responses. As a result, the patient may deposit proteins (eg fibrinogen) onto the catheter surface (Gaston et al, 2021)....

Stoma product selection: a guide for community nurses

A stoma is formed during surgery to bring a piece of bowel through an incision made in the abdominal wall. The bowel can be used to pass faeces if the passage of faeces needs to be altered, such as...

Intravenous diuretic administration in the home environment

Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a condition associated with ageing (Waterhouse, 2014). Heart failure affects approximately, 1-2% of the adult population, raising to 70% of the adult population over 70...

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