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Link between housing and health and how it affects older people

02 September 2021
Volume 26 · Issue 9

In societies the world over, the population of older people is growing. More people are living longer, including those living with multiple chronic conditions. In older adults, a chronic condition may cause issues with functional ability, and this may worsen over time. The older person's housing needs may, therefore, change. The UK has a robust housing scheme whereby those who are at most risk or most vulnerable are prioritised first, but essentially anyone can apply, although they may be on a waiting list for a long time if they are not considered to be a priority. For older people living in the UK, there is an increased risk due to their age and any medical issues, as well as vulnerability if living alone. If they are receiving long-term support from community nurses and social care for chronic conditions, they would be considered a priority over an able-bodied person. If someone has dementia with symptoms, they are considered highly vulnerable as the disease progresses, and a housing application on their behalf would be prioritised. The system is complex, but allows a chance for a multitude of people in all sorts of situations to access housing.

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