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Aysha Mendes

Freelance journalist specialising in healthcare, psychology and nursing

Treatment of urge incontinence in women

This type of urinary incontinence may be caused by changes in anatomical support and/or neuromuscular function of the pelvic floor, or it may be idiopathic (BMJ, 2020). There is a high incidence of...

Statins and barriers to their use in the community

In a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, Cai et al (2021) aimed to assess the associations between statins and adverse events in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease,...

Cholesterol and a potentially ‘game-changing’ drug approval

‘Inclisiran represents a potential game-changer in preventing thousands of people from dying prematurely from heart attacks and strokes.

Falls prevention in the community: does deprescribing FRIDs work?

Lee et al (2021) used well-known databases, and inclusion criteria included RCTs of FRID withdrawal compared with usual care evaluating the rate of falls, incidence of falls, fall-related injuries,...

Managing postoperative pain and risk in opioid use

Quinlan et al (2019) from the Royal College of Physicians published a review noting that prescribed opioid misuse in North America is a public health crisis having huge social, medical and economic...

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