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Person centred care

Dementia and communication

Dementia, what ever the subtype, is caused by underlying disease processes and damage to the nerve cells in the brain. This damage impairs our executive function - the processes in our brains which...

Exploring the delivery of end-of-life care by community nurses

Community nursing services across the UK have faced unprecedented pressures both before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, including the provision of palliative and EOLC (Mitchell et al, 2021)....

Skin tone and wound care: bridging the knowledge and care provision gap

A systematic review of diversity in dermatologic randomised control trials showed that, while racial and ethnic data reporting is becoming increasingly transparent, inclusive representation remains...

Challenges to concordance: theories that explain variations in patient responses

On occasion, despite HPs' best efforts to share information and develop a relationship of ‘equals’ with patients, some patients still fail to concord (Seligman, 1975; Hewison, 1995; Morden et al,...

Caring for people with multiple sclerosis who use cannabis for symptom control

Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) is a flowering plant that contains around 400 chemicals, over 70 of which are cannabinoids (Atakan, 2012). Two of these cannabinoids have been of interest within the field...

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