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Dexamethasone as an adjunct to pain management following knee surgery

In a recently published study, Gasbjerg et al (2022) explored dexamethasone as an analgesic adjuvant in multimodal pain management following total knee arthroplasty; the authors examined the effects...

Uncertainty, COVID-19, dignity and palliative care

It is clear that a number of factors are at play when achieving dignity in dying and death, and these can differ with people. However, there are common factors associated with dignity, such as:...

Nurses' role in diabetes management and prevention in community care

The crucial role of the diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) in the provision of good patient care and promoting self-care management cannot be underestimated. They are often the first point of contact...

Anticipatory grief and bereavement: the perspective of an individual with autism

A broadly autoethnographic approach was adopted in conceptualising and writing this article. The language used is intentionally ‘informal’, as a letter composed in a more academic style and language...

Roles and responsibilities of the community palliative care key worker: a scoping review

This review sought to provide an overview of the existing literature on the role and responsibilities of the palliative care key worker. Despite being advocated in policies and guidelines (NICE, 2004;...

Exploring the experiences of a community palliative care team as services were adapted to meet the demand of the COVID-19 pandemic

The challenge of meeting palliative care demands resulting from the pandemic reflected known workforce shortages, and the need for an improvement in collaborative working in community services (The...

Grief in older people

‘Complicated grief is more common in older adults, partly because they experience multiple losses which may accumulate over time, but also because they have fewer support and coping resources while...

Equality, diversity and inclusive leadership in palliative care

‘For a report like this to have the impact intended, it needs to speak to the community it affects.’ .

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