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Skin care in the summer: risks, assessment and treatment

There are two type of skin ageing factors: intrinsic and extrinsic. The Skin Cancer Foundation (2015) stated that the skin loses fat and water content as people age, becoming thinner and allowing UV...

Rising to the challenge: a COVID-19 vaccination service for the housebound population

The cluster matron role developed into a mainly coordinating function for the service. The matron acted as the clinical lead and was responsible for the overall governance for service delivery. They...

Being an end-of-life doula

‘Dying is not an act you can easily undertake yourself. If being born amid those who will love you is the first best hope of life, dying within a community is the last’ .

Evidence-based strategies to promote vaccine acceptance

The range of psychological, physical and contextual barriers to vaccination uptake are set out in a previous paper (While, 2021).

TalkToUs—a telephone support line for community nurses

The QNI was fortunate in that one of its staff had extensive experience in setting up and managing telephone helplines, so we already had the expertise in-house to draw on for the creation and...

Are we getting it right? A review of end-of-life care in community nursing

Patient records were evaluated using a questionnaire to understand how well the service performed against a set of care priorities, namely:.

Community specialist practitioner's role in enhancing interprofessional collaboration

Communication involves the use of all our senses; not only the spoken word, but eye contact, body language and intonation play a major part in how messages are sent, received and interpreted (Grover,...

Delivering palliative care in the post-pandemic era

It is most likely, given the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on people of colour in the UK, that the same population group will experience a high post-pandemic burden. People affected by the virus...

Constipation should be managed

‘Community nurses can make the difference to their clients' lives by building on their existing strong rapport to engage in intimate professional conversations so that constipation can be identified...

Personal protective equipment training team: a community nursing initiative

Due to the concerns raised in care homes regarding appropriate PPE attainment, the author was authorised to lead a team to provide direct education and support to all residential and nursing care...

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