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Garry Cooper-Stanton

Clinical Nurse Specialist Lymphoedema, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust; Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Birmingham; Queen's Nurse

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Compression therapy and heart failure: a scoping review of the existing evidence

Some 20 pieces of evidence were retrieved from varying backgrounds and locations on the application of CT in those diagnosed with HF. In terms of location, the evidence retrieved included studies...

Best practice for chronic oedema in community settings: what can we learn?

The guidance reflects the changing emphasis of the NHS and its provision on personalised care, and how that can be achieved (NHS England, 2019). There is also an increased emphasis on self-management,...

Adjustable compression devices for chronic oedema and lipoedema: purpose, selection and application

The advent of ACDs has presented new avenues in the management of chronic oedema, and these devices have gained popularity, with a number of companies manufacturing multiple versions (Figures 1 and 2;...

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