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About British Journal of Community Nursing

British Journal of Community Nursing is the UK's leading peer-reviewed journal for district nurses, containing the most up-to-date clinical coverage and research on primary care nursing. It will help you manage complex cases more effectively, improve your case management skills and help you to gain an understanding of the modern NHS system and how any changes affect you. The journal publishes full-length features in every issue on the following subjects:

  • Care of the older person, addressing the complex needs of frail older people at home
  • Long-term conditions, supporting, managing and teaching self-care for patients
  • Palliative care, covering all aspects of end-of-life and palliative treatment in the community.
Alongside these regular features, a wide range of other key subjects relating to the community nursing workforce are addressed, including professional matters, legal cases, technology updates, nursing policy, education and much more.
Experts in the field also publish editorial commentaries on a variety of issues currently affecting practitioners.
The journal promotes excellence in clinical practice, with an emphasis on the sharing of expertise and innovation in district nursing. Articles are written by nurses from across the community nursing spectrum, and peer-reviewed by leading authorities in primary care to make sure that the journal addresses all aspects of the profession in a way that is relevant and useful in daily practice.

The journal is indexed on MEDLINE and Scopus, which is testament to the journal's quality and reputation.