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The benefits of joining a professional association

What could I possibly get out of joining a professional association?! Not so long ago, that is what I remember thinking. As nurses, whatever our role, we all have huge demands on our time (and...

Does primary care need reform?

‘In England, there are 6 million people waiting for NHS care, including specialist mental health care, and referral to treatment waiting times are growing ever longer, with 63% of patients waiting...

New workforce standards for district nursing launched

‘Workloads are far exceeding the capacity of services. From the qualitative data we have collected over the last 7 years, there appears to have been a shift towards district nursing teams acting as...

Integrated care is needed, now more than ever: a professional's perspective

Locally, it was agreed for existing pathways within the integrated discharge team to be enhanced to support safe discharge of patients, enhance communication and build key relationships with...

Making waves: nurse-led urgent community response

A question arises: are we creating new services, rather than building on existing community health care?.

Identity and the learning experience of non-traditional students undertaking the specialist practitioner qualification

The aim of this research is to examine to what extent an individual's identity influences the learning experience of non-traditional students undertaking the SPQDN..

Growing old and tired?

‘The retention of older district nurses within the workforce will be critical for retaining wisdom and expertise as well as for educating new and replacement registered nurses entering community...

Community specialist practitioner's role in enhancing interprofessional collaboration

Communication involves the use of all our senses; not only the spoken word, but eye contact, body language and intonation play a major part in how messages are sent, received and interpreted (Grover,...

Florence Nightingale's legacy on the role of men in community nursing

NHS England (2014) highlighted the need to break down the traditional divide between healthcare in hospitals and the community, and the increasing need for community nurses means they are at the...

Community nursing placements: student learning experiences during a pandemic and beyond

One area that has continued to raise particular challenges in community nursing is maintaining the level of student learning capacity, supervision and assessment to the extent of pre-pandemic levels....

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