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Exploring the experiences of a community palliative care team as services were adapted to meet the demand of the COVID-19 pandemic

The challenge of meeting palliative care demands resulting from the pandemic reflected known workforce shortages, and the need for an improvement in collaborative working in community services (The...

Creating sustained and positive changes to patient safety: reducing insulin administration errors in a district nursing service

Effective change is best implemented by ensuring that those affected by the proposed changes have a voice as part of the whole process. A sense of shared purpose is thus created, which focuses on why...

Nurse-led projects for people experiencing homelessness and other inclusion health groups: a realist evaluation

‘… practical assessment of the implementation and impact of an intervention. It is conducted in a spirit of discovery, rather than management or monitoring. It is concerned with developing...

Preregistration adult nursing programmes and promotion of a population health agenda: an investigation

This review was undertaken as a preliminary stage of doctoral research to identify schools of nursing in England accredited by the NMC with a clear population health agenda (for further research into...

The factors influencing community nurses' usage of electronic health records: findings from focus groups

A qualitative research design using focus groups for data collection was used to enable participants to explore their lived experience (Creswell, 2009; Braun and Clarke, 2013)..

Understanding vaccine hesitancy: the evidence

The WHO commissioned a systematic review due to concern related to influenza vaccine hesitancy across the globe, which was particularly evident during the 2009–2010 H1N1 pandemic (WHO, 2016). The...

The known unknowns of assisted hydration at the end of life

Another factor contributing to the widespread variability in practice is the uncertainty about its impact. A recent systematic review of 15 studies found insufficient evidence to draw conclusions...

Pharmacology, polypharmacy and the older adult: a review

Ageing brings about a number of changes in the body, and the ageing process begins to affect the way the body handles medicines around the time a person reaches their forties..

A mirror image: experiences of informal carers caring for frail, older persons at risk from falling

The findings are presented as verbatim quotes used to illustrate each theme with pseudonyms assigned to each informal carer..

Community nurses' support for patients with fibromyalgia who use cannabis to manage pain

‘I attempted suicide … It's just going to get worse and worse and worse, and living with that feeling and the knowledge that there's nothing I can do that makes it better … the only way I can't be...

Coronavirus: the science behind infection control and human exposure

To cause disease in an animal, including humans, viruses require host specificity, which dictates the reservoir and host susceptibility to invasion. Influenza and coronaviruses enter the human body...

Heart failure and COVID-19: synergism of two inflammatory conditions?

Given the importance of the ACE-2 receptor in COVID-19 pathogenesis, an understanding of the expression of the ACE-2 receptor helps explain some of the effects of COVID-19. The ACE-2 receptor is...

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