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Understanding COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

‘Emphasising the social benefits of vaccination may reduce COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, perhaps because it shifts attention away from the individual and to the collective good’ .

Nurse-led projects for people experiencing homelessness and other inclusion health groups: a realist evaluation

‘… practical assessment of the implementation and impact of an intervention. It is conducted in a spirit of discovery, rather than management or monitoring. It is concerned with developing...

Preregistration adult nursing programmes and promotion of a population health agenda: an investigation

This review was undertaken as a preliminary stage of doctoral research to identify schools of nursing in England accredited by the NMC with a clear population health agenda (for further research into...

Long COVID and breathlessness: an overview

Any patient with COVID-19 may go onto develop long COVID regardless of the severity of the initial infection and the intensity of the treatment received (Crook et al, 2021). Post-viral syndrome has...

Link between housing and health and how it affects older people

The Hyde Housing Association Ltd (2021) stated that anyone can apply for housing, but eligibility criteria would need to be met for the range of housing available. Eligibility would be based on need,...

We are not out of the woods yet

‘It will require the NHS and its staff, in addition to persuasive information campaigns, to promote yet another mass vaccination effort during the autumn, so that as many of the potentially vulnerable...

Long COVID and mental health

Taquet et al (2021a) published the results of their study in the Lancet, which explored the neurological and psychological effect of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They looked specifically into 6-month...

Rising to the challenge: a COVID-19 vaccination service for the housebound population

The cluster matron role developed into a mainly coordinating function for the service. The matron acted as the clinical lead and was responsible for the overall governance for service delivery. They...

Evidence-based strategies to promote vaccine acceptance

The range of psychological, physical and contextual barriers to vaccination uptake are set out in a previous paper (While, 2021).

Constipation should be managed

‘Community nurses can make the difference to their clients' lives by building on their existing strong rapport to engage in intimate professional conversations so that constipation can be identified...

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