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Oral health

Oral Health and Community Nursing: a Practical Guide to the Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit for Adults

Oral diseases affect patients across the life course, with tooth decay listed as the number one reason for hospital admissions in children aged 6 to 10 years old (Office for Health Improvement and...

Oral healthcare in the community

NICE (2023) discusses the importance of mouth care plans for patients, appropriate training for staff in meeting oral health requirements, and thorough assessments for all patients in order to reduce...

Oral conditions in the community patient: part 2—systemic complications of poor oral health

The oral cavity acts as a focal point for the interaction of the body with the external environment, with its key functions including mastication, taste, speech and swallowing (Kane, 2017). Alteration...

Oral conditions in the community patient: part 1

Oral health has a symbiotic relationship with many chronic systemic diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Poor oral health can exacerbate existing underlying disease by contributing...

Oral health in older adults

Dental caries is a biofilm-mediated, diet-modulated, multifactorial disease caused by bacteria (Machiulskiene et al, 2020), where acid produced as a byproduct of the bacterial metabolism of sugars in...

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