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Back to basics: communication in palliative care

The skill of maintaining silence with patients involves the use of purposeful silent periods to enable the patient to divulge more information about their emotional state. Although these periods of...

Before I Die: death positivity and the community nursing contribution

The founders and core working group of Before I Die: Worcestershire are a variety of professionals: a GP, a nurse, an arts leader and an end-of-life doula. Their goal was to enable positive communal...

Supporting student nurses to develop healthy conversation skills

Ethics approval for the study was granted by the university ethics committee. Adult nursing students who had received MECC training in the health promotion module were invited to participate in the...

Buried bumper syndrome: prevention and management in the community

BBS is when the internal bumper migrates along the stoma tract outside of the stomach (Cyrany et al, 2016). BBS is thought to be caused by excessive compression of the tissue between the internal...

Effective communication between nurses and patients: an evolutionary concept analysis

This concept analysis aims to clarify the concept of effective communication and address the gap in knowledge using Rodgers's (1989) theoretical framework. The evolutionary method of concept analysis...

Safety huddle in a community nursing setting

A specialist community practitioner district nurse (SCPDN) is tasked with effectively managing complex caseloads and ensuring that patients are receiving the correct care. SCPDNs carry out a holistic...

Aims, actions and advance care planning by district nurses providing palliative care: an ethnographic observational study

The aim of this study was to investigate the role of the district nurse in palliative care provision, with a particular focus on observational exploration of their role and practice in providing...

Compassionate communities and collective memory: a conceptual framework to address the epidemic of loneliness

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on communities taking responsibility for their own health and using a public-health model for this purpose. This approach, known as ‘compassionate...

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